A 3 Bandas Girls just wanna have fun Galeria Astarte

A 3 Bandas Girls just wanna have fun Galeria Astarte

Depending on how the music album was inspired, if for instance that you’ve used a reference image that does not belong to you, then technically speaking, you are in violation of the law. More so if you try to sell it without getting permission from the owner of that property and in this case, the photo.

Oops… Wrong Move

Truth is, even big and respected artists are running into some issue with such. To give you an example, Shepard Fairey had used an image that wasn’t a public domain for the “Obama Hope” poster back in 2008. This was sued almost immediately for selling someone’s property.


It’s a Twisted Road to Maneuver

Copyright laws can be very confusing at times and usually, it is overlooked due to the reason that it’s difficult to reinforce wherein images aren’t based off a specific reference and could be claimed as original design.

It is saddening given the fact that it may just sometimes have a resemblance to another person or character.

Well if you want to express your art with your work, better yet make the effort to be unique than taking reference from another person’s work online.