I’m Here – Una vision del amor en 30 minutos por Spike Jonze

I’m Here – Una vision del amor en 30 minutos por Spike Jonze

Art is a combination of three different things and these are the culmination of:


  • Business
  • Creativity and;
  • Craft

To be better in your discipline, you have to find a way to connect to yourself and to experts who can show you the way of learning advanced techniques.

Not to mention, develop your own style and find a way to make money to support your career. More so, if you want to make a name for yourself and be successful in this career.

Talk to those who’ve been in the Place where You want to be

Of course, aside from the wisdom you’ll get from other artists, there are few things that you have to do on your own as well. First and foremost, you must distinguish your art form. It is vital that you know what specific art discipline you really enjoy the most.

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This means opening yourself to different varieties and then settling on the one that you love truly. Consider painting in oils, drawings, painting using watercolors, sculpting, wood carving and everything that you are interested to. Open yourself to different art styles. This is the only way you can discover more about yourself.

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