Donde estan las mujeres Artista

Donde estan las mujeres Artista

It can take almost forever before being noticed for your artworks. Just think of all other artists who have left behind a mark in this world.

They all have one thing in common and that’s the fact that it took them an eternity to make them do it.

If you are working to leave a legacy behind like all the other artist, then I strongly suggest that you read on.

Make Your Style Speak for You

First things first, you must seek to develop your own style. Something that will set you apart from the rest and will make people recall your name. When you see a painting of Picasso, you quickly know that it is one of his works. Same thing when you see a copy, you can tell immediately the difference between the original and the knockoff.

With a distinctive style you create, it becomes you and as time passes by, people start to notice it being yours.

How You want Your Work to be Remembered?

It is totally up to you to tell people the things you want them to recall about your story, your uniqueness and about you. If you will not tell people how you want to be remembered, then it is them who is going to create stories about you. However when telling stories, make sure that it is consistent.