The Influence of ‘Stranger Things’ on Contemporary Visual Art

The Influence of ‘Stranger Things’ on Contemporary Visual Art

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In the last decade, the television series “Stranger Things” has transcended the boundaries of entertainment, creating a cultural phenomenon with a powerful influence that are being showcased even in merchandise. Beyond its gripping storyline and beloved characters, the show’s nostalgic homage to 1980s pop culture and its eerie depiction of parallel dimensions have inspired artists across the globe to incorporate its essence into their work.

Contemporary visual art, in particular, has seen a surge in pieces that pay tribute to the supernatural and mysterious world of “Stranger Things.” This article delves into how the series has left an indelible mark on the art world, influencing artists to explore its themes, characters, and ambiance in their creations.

Artists have often looked to popular culture for inspiration, and “Stranger Things” is a treasure trove of references. The series transports viewers back to the ’80s, a time of arcade games, walkie-talkies, and Winona Ryder. It introduces us to a group of kids who embark on adventures reminiscent of Spielberg classics, all while confronting a parallel universe filled with monsters and mysteries.

These elements have proven irresistible to artists, serving as a rich source of inspiration. Visual artists are borrowing aesthetics, characters, and emotions from the series and weaving them into their work. The result is a stunning array of pieces that capture the essence of “Stranger Things” and pay homage to the show.


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One common theme explored by visual artists is the notion of duality and parallel universes, a core concept in “Stranger Things.” This theme is often depicted through surreal and dreamlike paintings, where real-life landscapes and characters are intertwined with eerie and otherworldly elements. The blending of ordinary and supernatural elements can evoke a sense of nostalgia and otherness, much like the series itself.

The characters of “Stranger Things” are another favorite subject for artists. Portraits of Eleven, Dustin, and the Demogorgon are created in various styles, from photorealistic to abstract. Artists often seek to capture the emotions and complexities of these characters, showing them in moments of vulnerability or heroism, and reflecting the multifaceted nature of the show.

The appeal of “Stranger Things” in visual art lies not only in its supernatural elements but also in the emotions it evokes. The series is known for its ability to blend horror, mystery, and nostalgia with a coming-of-age story. Artists find themselves drawn to these emotions, exploring the balance of darkness and innocence, wonder and fear, and the loss of childhood.

In conclusion, the impact of “Stranger Things” on contemporary visual art is profound. The series’ influence is seen in the way artists interpret the themes of duality, nostalgia, and the supernatural. By weaving elements of the show into their creations, artists pay homage to the magic that “Stranger Things” brings into our world. Through the lens of visual art, the legacy of the show continues to grow, drawing both creators and admirers into its parallel universes of imagination and creativity.