Hackeando el mundo del arte

Hackeando el mundo del arte

The start of the year is always seems like it’s begging you to look into every nook and corner of your photography or painting studio and make rooms for inspiration and motivation. You may feel overwhelmed in doing this at once.

But if you are going to divide it into a step by step procedure, then that’s the time when it is going to be more manageable to handle.

Cool and Smart Tricks to make Organize Your Studio

What you can do is to organize your paint using stands and cake tins. Basically, simply replacing the cupcakes with paint bottle would do. A simple and clever trick here is gluing the cake tins so it will stand and prevent from toppling over. If you think that it is quite a messy approach, then consider magnetizing the paint containers and have it stored upside down. It is not just space saver idea but also, a cool approach to saving space.

Wait… There’s more!

Another trick that you can do to organize your artwork station is by sewing thread shelf. As for your pencils and pens that are being used for drawing, glasses and wine rack would be a beautiful alternative. Now in regards to your paintbrushes, keep them straight by simply stashing them in your planter.