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La Vision de Blaise Aguera y Arcas en el blog de Edgar Gonzalez

The artist’s vision is the way of how artists are seeing their subject from:

  • Perspective
  • The kind of work they’re doing
  • What colors they use
  • Images and;
  • The story they like to convey

Artists begin to develop their skills and have mastery of their work as time pass by.

This is not an overnight thing that they can quickly become an expert. Sooner or later, we become the art ourselves. It is reflecting to who we are, our beliefs, how we see the world and how we reflect inner self in it. This is like putting our life on a 2D surface for others to see.

Vision and Art

In simplest definition, it’s how we like the world to see us. In other words, vision is how you are seeing, the voice is your method of communication and how you are conveying your work that’s truly yours. Throughout the process, we are studying other works of the artists and might emulate them to develop our own. There are icons in the industry much like in any other industry. And these icons are what other artists are looking up upon and getting inspirations to.