La Historica Potencia visual de mm Paris en Prendas Publicas

La Historica Potencia visual de mm Paris en Prendas Publicas

Art history seems a straightforward idea.

Art and History are subjects that many of us studied way back in primary school.

But in practice however, the concept of history of art is raising a series of complex questions among people. What is actually meant by art and what history must be explored further?

They may Sound-Alike but it has Different Meaning

Well, the word Art has originated from the Latin word “ars” which means “craft” or “skill”. These meanings are still the primary other known English words that are derived from ars like artifact which is a thing made by human hands or skill, artisan or a person who is skilled at making artifacts.

The meaning of artist and art on the other hand are entirely different. Art is understood as something that involves more than just skills and craftsmanship.

Because These are New Times

Artists have now slowly moving away from the classic tradition and gradually embracing aesthetic ideals and new media. Art historians have even shifted their focus from analysis of the formal beauty of art to interpreting its cultural meaning. These days, the way we see beauty and art is subjective. While most art continued to being visual primarily and visual analysis is the foundation that art historians are using, beauty itself isn’t considered to be an attribute of art.