Picasso Museum Creates a Study Center as Portal to a Digital Collection of Picasso’s Art Works

Picasso Museum Creates a Study Center as Portal to a Digital Collection of Picasso’s Art Works

PICASSO SIGNATUREThe Picasso Museum has digitized thousands of Pablo Picasso’s artworks, literary works, memorabilia, interviews and other items that have never been exhibited before. The Paris-based museum thereafter uploaded the digitized collection in an online archive containing thousands of Picasso works that can be accessed via the Internet and viewed through a digital portal.

Actually, the Picasso Museum’s online archive is part of a study center that launched early this month in conjunction with the museum’s launching of the “Picasso: Consuming Images” exhibit.

The study center intends to provide artists and researchers of colleges and art institutions information about the Spanish artist’s life and works. Currently, there are about 19,000 digital photos available in the online portal but museum staffers are aiming to upload 200,000 more.

Portal users will be able to search for Picasso’s works according to categories such as photographs. paintings, sculptures, drawings, 3D objects, audio-visuals, prints, books and archive documents.

About the “Picasso: Consuming Images” Exhibit at the Picasso Museum

ARTWORK INCLUDED IN PICASO MUSEUM EXHIBITThe “Picasso: Consuming Images” is a temporary exhibition at the Picasso Museum, which debuted last June 11 and will run up to September 15, 2024.

According to the museum, the goal of the exhibit is to shed light over an unknown ensemble previously created by some famous artists of the interwar period. It was the brief era that began at the end of World War I, but had ended at the start of World War II.

The exhibition focuses on the legendary décor of a well known Paris gallery owner and art dealer named Léonce Rosenberg. He was associated with Pablo Picasso, whom the art dealer admired and accompanied during the 1920s, as he was a patron of Cubism, the art form that made Picasso famous.

The temporary exhibition showcases many of Picasso’s sources of inspiration, by exploring works of Henri Matisse and Rembrandt featured in everyday items like postcards, magazines and comic strips.