Having an Art Exhibit in the Hospital

Having an Art Exhibit in the Hospital

Paint palette


The Helios Klinikum Gifhorn was able to win the Wolfsburg artist Stefanie Woch for an exhibition in the clinic foyer. Aside from adapting to hospital trends in security, 17 colorful, but mostly green works of art adorn the bare walls and underline the spring outside the door.

“The current exhibition is my contribution in these difficult times. At the moment, there is not much going on in art. Almost everything is closed, gatherings are not allowed to take place, although many people lack it and would enrich their lives. The hospital is one of the few places where it is currently possible to show art. Maybe it’s also one of the places where people need it most,” says artist Stefanie Woch. In particular, she wants to appeal to patients and employees with her paintings from nature. “I hope that patients may be able to pause for a moment, draw strength from the pictures and forget the trappings for a short moment.”

Born in Wolfsburg, she has always been interested in the artistic world. In 2003 she completed her studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig. This was followed by numerous exhibitions and awards such as the Artipreis of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. “I am delighted to have won such a great artist for our hospital in these uncertain times,” says clinic manager Matthias Hahn.


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The pictures show colorful meadows and green forests, but above all, they tell stories that stimulate the imagination. Be it from a mole family hiding underground or a spider that abseils down to its next prey. “My place of inspiration is definitely my garden. I draw my strength from observing, wondering, absorbing, and being amazed. That’s exactly what I’m trying to bring to the screen,” Woch continues. On large and small screens, she showed her view of the diversity of nature until the end of June 2021. “I hope that the incidence value in Gifhorn will continue to fall, so that visitors may be able to enjoy art again,” concludes the Wolfsburg native.