Absolut lab un espacio para visionarios inspirado por absolut

Absolut lab un espacio para visionarios inspirado por absolut

Perhaps you are wondering why people are creating art? Like what is their purpose and what’s the force driving them behind each of their creation?

People have been making tons of visual arts since ancient times for a variety of reasons.

If you like to visit an art museum, you could see the diversity in the arts made.

Why make Art?

It is quite overwhelming and impossible to take everything in. The entire process of making art all starts with a question of what to create. As an artist, it is your job to ask yourself the same question. You might not know where to start but as you work on it, you’ll figure it out.

One reason my artists are creating art is to teach something visually that verbal language can’t. When the time when there were a lot of illiterate people, images were what used in teaching people and helping them remember history and religious concepts.

The Way a Person is Perceived by the Artist

Creating art can also be about interpreting relation to the person. One example for this is Mona Lisa by Leonard Da Vinci. This is one of the sought after and mysterious portraits in the entire world. The famous woman in the portrait belongs to Lisa Del Giocondo. She’s the wife of an affluent silk merchant. Compared to the paintings made of this era, Leonardo omitted all personal items from jewelry, embellishments, fur or lace and anything that’ll identify her as part of the upper class of the society.