Absolut Porfolios ya tiene ganadores

Absolut Porfolios ya tiene ganadores

Are you hoping high to be accepted in your dream visual arts or media school? In addition to the written examination, you’ll have to impress the institution with your stunning artworks. After all, this is why you are here for. If you want to raise your odds to be accepted, then better arm yourself with the following.

Preparing Your Art Portfolio

Behind every celebrated artist is backed with a meticulously curated art portfolio.

According to Format Magazine, curated artwork is the collection of works that showcases your interests, abilities, creativity as well as overall development and achievement as an artist. It doesn’t matter if you’re an animator, illustrator, photographer, painter, designer etc. you have to have a compilation of all your works.

Furthermore, your portfolio can help to pass your application.

Qualities that Visual Arts Schools are Seeking

Visual arts schools are requiring portfolios to narrow down which are true artists from those who are not. Sometimes, there are things that the artist can’t explain thoroughly during the interview but it’s their artwork that speaks for them.

Thus, aside from conducting interviews and tests, art portfolios serve as a deal breaker in your application. Another reason for this is that, the portfolio can show your expertise, versatility and uniqueness as an artist.