Crea 16 Ricardo Cavolo

Crea 16 Ricardo Cavolo

If there’s a word to describe Ricardo Cavolo’s work, it would have been fire. From an interview with the Cavolo himself, this is what he said. No doubt, not only that there are depictions of flames in his wide range of work, but the self-taught artists are always bringing heat in almost any kind of project he works in.

World Renowned Artist Indeed

He garnered international attention for his outstanding illustrations, paintings as well as murals that culled medieval alongside conventional folk art references.

Not only that, key artistic influences extended to his favorite fashion names too including Prada and Gucci together with the world-class artist The Notorious B.I.G and Kanye West. Truth is, Ricardo is perhaps known famously for working on the debut studio album of Kaytranada, 99.9%.

Biggest Challenge Encountered so Far?

According to him, the biggest challenge that he had face at the moment is the clothing brand. It’s a dream and have been working for the past five years. Given that the nature of his craft is in art, transitioning to clothing brand is undoubtedly a whole new level. Something that takes time and work to succeed. After all, he’s up for the challenge and ready to take it.