La pasion urbana de-Alberto de Pedro en Dadanoias

La pasion urbana de-Alberto de Pedro en Dadanoias

There are instances to which we are comparing ourselves to others when we are not fully satisfied with our work. We even start questioning ourselves why are we even doing it in the first place. Well, that is natural human instincts. It is a defense mechanism.

However, there’s one thing that keep artists to move forward and keep their tools to create works of art. It is none other than their passion.

Creative artists have all experienced loathing and excitement, contraction and expansion and the feeling of having to take their work to another level.

If you are going through the same stage and feel as if nothing is happening, you’re not alone.


As an artist, there will come a time in which you feel that there’s nothing good you can do. It is normal. What you must do here is to replenish your creativity on a regular basis. Do this by absorbing and getting inspiration from other artists. After all, you’re not copying their works, you’re just getting inspiration and motivation from it. Most likely, they’re doing the same thing as well.

Avoid Distractions and Control Your Environment

Let us face the fact that life today is full of distraction. From instant messaging apps, smartphones, movie theaters and whatnot, you need to discipline yourself to focus on what is it you really want to achieve.

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