Mulier Videns cinco miradas fotograficas femeninas del Siglo XXI

Mulier Videns cinco miradas fotograficas femeninas del Siglo XXI

It is safe to say that photography has gone through serious developments from the early stages of 20th century.

The transformation of perception to medium is unique to photography.

To be able to have better understanding of this changes in use as well as perception, why it has appealed to countless artists in early 1900s and to how it was integrated into artistic practices 20 years later, we have to dig far back.

Major Criticism in Photography as an Art

In later 19th century, photography quickly spread like wildfire. Inventions such as Kodak #1 camera made it so accessible to upper and middle-class people.

In arts, the medium was considered as replication of exact details and for its artwork reproduction for publication. On the other hand, photographers are struggling to gain artistic recognition. Well, it wasn’t until the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1859.

Not Leaving without a Fight

This was the first time when art and photography was displayed side by side. Because art was considered as product of skill, craft and imagination, how photographs being an instrument to have the same frequency as art?

These very questions have driven photographers to form official societies and casual groups to challenge these conceptions. And the rest was history.