Rafafans Ingenio Creativo

Rafafans Ingenio Creativo

Creative art basically means the ability to create. This is based more on inventiveness or originality of thought and showing how imaginative and creative a person’s mind was.

Creative arts is underscoring the process and showing kids of the world that it’s more of a technique in which you touch base at the goal is as critical than the actual goal itself.

Is this what You are Thinking?

But you personally, whenever you hear the word “creative”, what’s that one thing that quickly comes to your mind? Do you think of art heroes with the kinds of Michael Jackson and Mozart, painters similar to Jackson Pollock and Picasso, artist like Misty Copeland or perhaps creators like J.K. Rowling and Jules Verne?

Or it could be like you are envisioning gems and works such as the:

  • Mona Lisa
  • “Spine Chiller”
  • Turkish March,
  • Great Expectations
  • Harry Potter
  • Swan Lake and;
  • Nutcracker

There are literally enormous number of people, artworks, spots as well as thoughts that one may put into consideration. Yet, what most people would never associate with creativeness is themselves. This is true as we often perceive this term to be reserved to those who know their way around art.