Arts And Creativity In Fishing

Arts And Creativity In Fishing

Fishing is an art that sometimes requires various techniques such as the thread dance that is used when the bait is thrown to the fishing area. A fishing participant may use the best lures for walleye to attract the fish. This is the main attraction of one of the fishing methods there is. The exoticism of various fishing techniques is now growing with increasing fishing hobbyists.

What is meant by fly fishing?

A fishing technique that uses artificial bait of small animals that are similar to the original (insects, ants, etc.). The bait is thrown forward and back until it is right near the game so that it can attract fish attention naturally. The fly fisher is required to be adept at playing the yarn (fly line) that is heavy enough to be able to make a lightweight bait that is still capable of flying. In general, the bait is made by tying feathers (tying), natural animal hair, or other natural materials.

But as technology develops, artificial bait can also use artificial (synthetic) fur. The color, pattern or model of the bait is usually adjusted to spot conditions to attract the attention of the target fish. In their home country, the targeted fish are trout or salmon in freshwater, while in Indonesia they are usually milkfish, tarpon and then freshwater fish species such as carp.

The existence of fly fishing has been around for a long time, was found in England and then brought to America and until now it has become famous and is booming as part of American art.

Fly Fishing Basics

What are the things that distinguish fly fishing from other fishing techniques?

The equipment used in fly fishing is clearly different. Indeed fly fishing is not like other fishing techniques in general that use various kinds of lures. In fly fishing, we actually imitate the bait to resemble the original examples of crickets, caterpillars, small fish, and other insects.

The fly fisher needs to be creative by making a bait that resembles the fish’s favorite food. Because the bait is not sold in general and must be made according to their respective needs. For example, when we are fishing on a certain spot, we have to look at the situation around what kind of bait there are many in that spot. If there are many ants, then we have to use ants as bait. So it is an art.

In addition, the fly fisher must master the technique of how to throw the right bait. It must not interfere with the existence of fish which then escapes. The need to play the yarn right so it is not tangled is needed when fishing in a spot with lots of trees.