Author: Akulina Yashina

Modern Condominium Design Ideas & Inspiration

As city skylines evolve with the ever-growing number of residential towers, the quest for contemporary condo decor becomes increasingly pivotal for urban dwellers. Embracing smart condominium layouts and innovative condo designs is not just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. This engaging journey into the world of modernity seeks to highlight how the artful application of design can remarkably enhance living spaces, specifically…

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The Art of Effective Communication with Staff

Regardless of the emphasis placed recently on the important function of employee participation in the achievement of a company (in terms of growth and financial returns), just 53 percent of associations measure employee participation, with just people that have elevated levels of involvement measuring it regularly, not only annually. It’s estimated that 15 percent of…

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Old and New Ways of Portrait Painting

What’s portrait painting? This may be described as follows: This sort of painting usually depicts a individual’s face, out there, the term”portrait” originates. What’s more, there are lots of portraits, new and old ones, on which you’ll be able to observe the portraitee’s body. A portrait is painted using an intention to demonstrate all attributes.…

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