Computer Graphics Paved A Way To The Scientists’ Lab

Computer Graphics Paved A Way To The Scientists’ Lab

The graphics of computer games are often extremely complex. Special hardware and software are available to represent these virtual worlds. While some computer graphics appear simple such as those from the Rise of Kingdoms (check this one out), other computer games crash visual art and appear very realistic with all its 3D effects. Scientists have come in contact with the complex nature of computer graphics and helped them better understand the complexity of physics.

Computer Games Empower Deep Learning Research

The complexity of computer graphics is often drawn from complicated image content borrowed from the middle ages, the Asian culture, and the digital age. Digital images present space forms of ancient panel artwork, study the advancement of digital images and the sections of digital areas. Codes, video game design, Japanese landscapes, Buddhist metaphors, and iconic paintings shape art in space and in time.

Researchers Benefit From Computer Game Graphics

Computer graphics has now given scientists an insight into the physics of complex whirlpools and eddies. According to the magazine “New Scientist”, two researchers from the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne were able to use computer graphics to obtain very detailed information about currents and turbulence.

The basic equations that can be used to calculate vortices have long been known. But so far there has often been a lack of computing power to simulate the long-term behavior of the eddies. Thanks to the highly specialized technology that is normally used to create computer animations in games and films, the scientists have now taken a big step forward.

What sounds like sophisticated basic research is actually extremely important in numerous areas. For example, the calculation of eddies is important for aviation. So-called wake vortices from behind the wings of aircraft, which are invisible but can shake other aircraft to such an extent that in the worst case they crash.

But also in the construction of land and water vehicles, which should be as streamlined as possible, currents and eddies are important factors that have a significant impact on fuel consumption.