Considerations that Make a Film a Form of Visual Art

Considerations that Make a Film a Form of Visual Art

Ever since film was invented, recognition of cinematic movies as forms of visual art remained a topic of debate in academic forums, as many oppose such view. Theoretical and philosophical considerations suggest that there are three ways cinema is related to visual arts, namely: cinematic art, the essence of the relationship between art and cinema and the art-related topic presented by the film.

Concentrating on the analysis of the objects of material and visual culture, can aid in understanding the practices that define cinema as art, especially when there are factors that can change the relationship between visual arts and film making.

Examples of Contemporary Movies that Represent Art in Movies

Frida A masterpiece of a feminist biography film about Frida Kahlo, recognized as the most popular female artists to ever paint on canvas. Salma Hayek’s portrayal of Kahlo depicts the entirety of the artist’s life from her rise to fame, and the progress of her artworks. The film-bio includes her accident and her complicated relationship with fellow Mexican artist Diego Rivera,

Pollock – Starred and directed by Ed Harris, Pollock depicts the tortured life of the famous abstract painter James Pollock during his fame in the 1940s up until his tragic demise in 1956. The film provides an interesting and extensive perspective into one of the most mysterious characters in the contemporary art world. Harris’ acting latches onto the viewer’s attention at every moment, making the film one of the best in his career.

Factory Girl – The film revolves around Andy Warhol and his fierce relationship with socialite Edie Sedgwick. The movie will take you back in the mid 60s in New York City as it encapsulates the atmosphere and the lavishness of the social life during the era. It lets you in a world of what life was like living in the same era as Andy Warhol.

Girl with Pearl Earrings -Released in 2003, Colin Firth plays Johannes Vermeer, a 17th century artist. Vermeer was always on the hunt for the perfect subject for his masterpiece, which he eventually found in a young servant girl played by Scarlett Johansson. The movie provides an interesting take on the enigmatic artist with very little information about him. The fictional details added into the historical movie was a riveting surprise for the viewers, even those who are into art history.

Where to Look for Critically-Acclaimed Art-Themed Movies

There are other critically acclaimed movies that present concepts and perspectives of art, many of them created by European film makers in as early as the 1950s. However, you may be subscribing to a streaming site that does not include these types of films in its library.

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