On Preciseness: The Visual Art That Is Food Plating

On Preciseness: The Visual Art That Is Food Plating

Visual art has long been dominant in all aspects of our everyday lives. But of course, it doesn’t become that obvious because a simple street mess can be visual art and you are just passing by it every day. It truly goes down to how art is by how each pair of eyes perceive beauty, but by this, we all can claim that we can justify and differentiate our own kind of beauty.

How Plating Works

In a world filled with so many industries, cultures, and types of society, one common ground rises above all, and that is the art of Culinary. Through preparation, cooking, the process of how each dish should be cooked, and finally, how each dish is plated.

Plating is a precise process of decorating and position components of a dish to make it stand out in its own flavor without having to taste it just yet. It is cultivating interest and satisfaction to someone who will eat it, by just merely looking at it. The level of visual critiques that comes with plating is specific and on point, since a plated dish comes with a single dish in it; whether or not it is a plate of steak or Bulgarian yogurt from Serdika Foods (https://www.serdikabg.com/yogurt), plating is a type of art that requires precision and detail.

There is always a misconception that plating is done just to be able to make a dish look expensive compared to how it should be priced. On a positive note, home cooks can benefit from this since feeding a family every day and keeping them interested is a hard task, but for restaurants and fine dining, it’s just not that.

The service of buying a meal in a restaurant doesn’t stop how they have seasoned and cooked your food. Serving it in front of you in a well-plated dish is part of what you actually pay for. More so, a well-plated dish aims to give you great dining experience that comes both in a visual aspect and of course through great taste!