The Best Android Apps for Artists

The Best Android Apps for Artists

More that a decade ago, when people think of mediums to express art, they were probably thinking of blank canvasses, sketch paper, or some blocks of marble waiting to be sculpted. But all of that change because of the technology advancement. Art lovers must thank the smartphones because people are able to finish their tasks faster, communicate with their loved ones, and forms of entertainment.

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, artists are looking for methods to create using their tablets and smartphones while on the go. Here, we discover the best mobile apps for artists, whether for sketching, drawing or painting. If you are a person who is really fond of art and you are planning to develop an app and you want it to be advertised properly, you must read adtrics academy review.

If you will look for mobile apps perfect for art lovers, then you will find a lot of if online. Thus, we list those apps that stood above the rest.

  1. ArtStudio for Ipad- ArtStudio has quickly went to the top of the art app pile because of their variety of tools and great functionality, letting users to take control of their own artistic goal. There are different brush settings, a high end color palette, and in-depth, smooth functionality that let you to rotate, crop, or scale the images in your creation.
  2. IDRAW-  In some cases, iDraw is primarily similar to ArtStudio except with a more specific focus. This app, while quite costly, is simply the most user friendly and interactive drawing and illustration app available for your mobile device. Developed by  Indeeo, Inc., this app uses both professional vector drawing and editing with a slew of great features that they are consistently improving to ensure that the artist can add as much detail to their artwork as they desire.
  3. SKETCHBOOK PRO– This is perfect to those who love to draw.j Just go ahead and write Autodesk Inc. a thank you note now, because their intuitive and aesthetically amazing Sketchbook Pro app has become one of the most used apps for artists on iTunes. It has wide range of features, sketching tools, and eye catching color wheel.

These are just some of the popular apps available for your mobile device. It is important to use one what suits you best and and your interest.