Treating Wall Decals As Art

Treating Wall Decals As Art

Tree wall art sticker


You see them in your doctor’s clinics, you see them in cafes and restaurants, you see wall art everywhere so why not try them call at your home too instead of having to color over your walls. These personalised wall stickers are also used to make art.

In this blog, we pay attention to this and give several examples.

Recently, various colorful stickers appeared in the center of Rotterdam with drawings and texts. Suddenly gotten hungry for cake? and? Have other mascara recently?. Who is responsible for these stickers is not known, as the stickers are not signed. At the Algemeen Dagblad, they suspect that it is someone who cycles a lot through the city since the stickers are all stuck at traffic lights for cyclists.

Unknown artists

Stickers are often used to make art. Yet the artists are often unknown or work under a pseudonym. There are several reasons for this. In many countries, it is forbidden to stick stickers in public places without a permit. Artists are also sometimes afraid of retribution. Especially when politics is the subject. This applies, for example, to the Japanese street artist 281 Antinuke, who distribute stickers against the election of Donald Trump.

Stickers increasingly popular

Incidentally, the use of stickers as art is not new. From 1960 onwards, printing stickers became a lot cheaper. This led to stickers being used for more and more applications and artists also discovered stickers as a means to convey their message to the public. Street artists use stickers a lot because they are easier to apply than, for example, graffiti. A well-known artist who used stickers is Andy Warhol.


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Stickers often removed

Municipalities are often not so happy with stickers in public spaces and remove them. This happened, for example, earlier this year in Rotterdam with stickers by the artist Clet Abraham. The stickers were removed because they were stuck on road signs. On the website of NRC, the City Management Department reported that this is prohibited. The removal of the stickers caused a lot of criticism.

Making sticker art

An artist who also uses stickers is the Japanese Yayoi Kusama. She is known for the use of polka dots. Some of her work is controversial. For example, she held meetings where naked people were covered with stickers. In a recent project, she had the visitors of her exhibition participate. The people were given round stickers in various colors and sizes, which they were then allowed to stick in an all-white room. This created a colorful image, as can be seen above in the photo.

Form of expression

By the way, you don’t have to be an artist to use stickers as a way to express yourself. In Milwaukee (USA) it is currently popular among students to stick stickers on their laptops. They use stickers as a kind of art form. One sticks all kinds of free stickers on his laptop. The other person chooses quotes. On the Marquette University website, you can read the stories of several students and view photos of their laptops. Do you want to make sticker art yourself? On the Order Stickers page, you will find an overview of all sticker types that we have.