Visual Art Exhibition Ideas

Visual Art Exhibition Ideas

Anyone who visits the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year will be embarrassed if they do not venture outside the Pathé multiplex, where the traditional narrative films will mainly be shown. To find out about the latest developments in cinema, a visit to the Boijmans van Beuningen museum, the Netherlands Architecture Institute, and center for contemporary art Witte de With is at least necessary.

The installations and the setup were made possible with the use of easy-to-carry tools such as the battery powered sander. The film art was featured with great architecture, painting, and other traditional visual arts.

The Perfect Blend Of Film And Visual Arts

At the Institute of Contemporary Arts, film art and other visual arts came into contact almost automatically.


“Film was displayed there along with several other visual arts. The cross-pollination was there before bragging rights. When an architect, painter, or sculptor starts filming, something very fascinating often arises. They treat cinema differently than filmmakers; not more visual, but much more poetic, more musical. And they are less focused on telling a story. ”

Ernie Gehr’s work is s fantastic example as we all know. He explores places in major cities. In addition, he films those spaces and registers the sounds in a way that you do not encounter in a normal cinema. The result is an almost musical improvisation on the theme of space. ”