Why Are Artists Drawn Into Video Games And Video Game Art

Why Are Artists Drawn Into Video Games And Video Game Art

Looking at the fortnite leaderboards, you would see how many players are into this video game and how much they really enjoy the game. Aside from fortnite, there are other various video games that people love to play as they are more than entertaining as well as engaging, thanks to video game developers.

Video Game and  Video Game Art 

Since the beginning of the computer and digital culture, artists worldwide have closely trailed with attentiveness the potentials of the various technologies that surface. Video game art is a thrilling art exploration that surfaced from the digital culture. Established on video game designs, video game art is an interesting yet underrated form of interactive computer art. It is a specialized kind of computer art which utilizes video games as the medium of art.

Technology has broadened the medium whereupon visual artists are capable of creating works of art and communicate their stories. As a form of art that merely exists in the digital world, video games are said to be a convergence of science and art.

They consist of numerous forms of conventional creative expression, such as sculpture through 3D modeling, story arcs, illustration, as well as dynamic music and sounds, that are creatively put together to produce something that surpasses any one form of art.

Video games, additionally, are the only type of media that permits for customizing the creative experience while yet maintaining the artist’s authority. There are three distinctive entity surrounding video games, the creator of the game, the game itself, and the player of the video game. Players who play these video games follow the author’s story and are to play by the rules of the game, however depending on the choices that the players make, the game experience could be entirely personal. If one could watch another’s work and is able to discover a personal association to it, thenceforth art has been realized and achieved.

The reason why numerous art creators are drawn into video games is because of the capability to expand storytelling for an opportunity to engage the audience in a really interactive approach while they control their own game experience. This might be, in general, the fundamental disparity between gaming and video game art.