6 Best MS Paint Alternatives for Windows 10

6 Best MS Paint Alternatives for Windows 10

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Microsoft Paint isn’t anymore. It’s ceased to be. It’s an ex-program.

From the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update later this year is where once Microsoft gives it the shove, or rather, it will be. Let’s be honest – downloading it now could be just about necromancy, but sure, it’ll be archived somewhere within the Microsoft Store. Many may be bummed out by this, like the times when Windows encounter errors like failed to load xinput1_3.dll, but for others, this could also be good riddance.

It’s only right, then, that you just created abstract doodles with the Paint Bucket tool, shed a tear for each time you spent over 7000 hours on a pixellated masterpiece, or over Facebook screenshots of your ex (just me?), scribbled oddly phallic shapes. Once you’re done mourning, it’s time to select a replacement.

There are many choices, whether or not you don’t fancy distributing a wedge of money for Photoshop – and we’ve got six of the most effective right here.

1) Paint 3D

The ‘official’ replacement for Paint, Paint 3D will come as standard on all Windows 10 PCs bought after the autumn Creator’s Update lands. Your existing PCs will download it automatically as a part of the update if it’s not already installed.

There’s lots more power here than you’d get with good ol’ MS Paint, and it’ll handle 3D models additionally as 2D images with overhauled looks (ie toolbars that don’t appear as if they’re from the 1990s), new brushes, and tools.

2) Zen: a picture book for Adults

Let’s face it – most people just used Paint to hang around, coloring in scribbles with the Paint Bucket tool. Why pretend you wish for something more powerful, more flexible, or more serious? Download Zen and acquire your coloring-in fix.

The app itself is free, but you’ll pay extra to urge more designs to satisfy your lust for artistic expression.


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3) the GIMP

You grot bag, get your mind out of the gutter. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program – and zilch else! It’s an open-source image editing program that’s been around for years and may run on almost any system, whether you’re running Windows, macOS, or (shudder) Linux.

GIMP isn’t the foremost user-friendly little bit of kit, admittedly, and in older versions, the ancient-looking menus, icons, and windows could quickly provide you with flashbacks to performing on Windows XP, but it’s had a serious design overhaul within the previous few years to form it a small amount easier on the attention.

There’s different power underneath, though, so when you’re done doodling and need to induce some serious artwork done, it’s got you covered.

4) Paint.net

Make it liberated to download, swap the complex menus and icons for something that appears a bit more user-friendly, and Take everything that graphics pros love about Photoshop. That’s Paint.net in a nutshell. What’s to not like?

If you only want to doodle, it’s got all the paintbrushes you wish, but drop a photograph in it and you’ll get a full lot more editing power than you’d with Microsoft’s freebie.

5) Sketchable

So you wish to place that equally posh Surface Pen to good use while you’ve got one in every fancy Surface Pro tablet? Better get Sketchable then. It’s a freebie, but has all the extras you’ll want to urge the foremost from a stylus.

Chunky great big ones once you jab the screen with real force, so you get thin lines once you draw softly, think pressure sensitivity. It’s part journal, too, so you’ll use it to create notes moreover as draw doodles. For more advanced artists, in-app purchases unlock extras like layer support.

Oh, and it’ll play nicely with the Surface Dial too if you’re into that sort of thing.

6) Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk’s excellent Sketchbook isn’t free but does have a comprehensive free trial, which should be plenty for anyone after our dearly departed MS Paint, which is a replacement for it. OK, so this is often a small amount of a cheat.

That means you simply get one layer to figure with, but all the tools and brushes – and there are loads. Forget dotting the screen with pixels, after you can switch between swooping calligraphy pens, chunky markers, and gloopy paintbrushes.