Introducing the Visual Arts

Introducing the Visual Arts


Visual arts introduce itself

In an increasingly visualized world, the subject of visual arts is especially important. Perceptual and aesthetic judgment, independent work, and creative problem-solving skills are taught here. Today, creativity is one of the essential key abilities of universally educated people in the modern media society in all areas of professional practice.

The subject of the subject is aesthetic education, which aims to promote the formation of an individual’s personality in all respects by communicating aesthetic, cultural, and ethical values. Art covers all areas of knowledge and life, touches on many related sciences such as sociology and philosophy, and opens the horizons of European and international culture.

By dealing with art and art processes and experimenting with them, the students learn how to develop aesthetic judgments and see everyday things from an unfamiliar perspective. They develop an understanding of the past and the ability to productively shape their present and the future.


Skills and Abilities

Artistic and practical skills in visual arts such as drawing, painting, 3D design, collage, printing technology, photography, and applied arts in the fields of visual communication, architecture, design, film, and digital media. Offers. And everyday culture.

The basis of artistic and practical works from the 5th grade is a receptive and reflexive interest in art history, artists and art techniques, and current art events, public exhibitions, and art media events are 9 / It are offered in 10th grade to secondary education. Level students for those who are interested can continue with the basic course. All this gray theory only applies to students. The bubbling imagination of the students inspires us every day and greatly enriches us all.



The subject of art is not only educational but also has fun and visible results. This will be announced at an ever-changing exhibition within the school building. The cover of the school planner is also designed by the students.
Participation in contests and projects, collaboration with artists, excursions, museum visits, and extracurricular learning locations complement expert lessons.


Art Room

The Art Practice Department has an artistic workshop and two available specialized rooms. In cleaning the art rooms, the pets of artists may come in and may dump the area, but using the best carpet cleaner for pet urine can be a help to them.