Animating Life Exhibiting the Wonders of LAIKA

Animating Life Exhibiting the Wonders of LAIKA

Sure, we have heard of Disney and Pixar. One thing that intrigued and gathered so many fans worldwide is the creation of Tim Burton and Laika. The plot of the story is childish yet adult-ish in nature, with a mix of mystery and horror. We know that Tim Burton has gathered so many awards from his creations. And Laika, few have heard of Laika but there are many who are very familiar with his creations like Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings. My special favorite is Coraline.

In Portland Oregon…

If you are in Portland Oregon, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to visit LAIKA studios to witness their stop-motion animation technology. The creation itself is of great artistic skill. In 2017, the public had been given an opportunity to get a glimpse of the LAIKA art made possible by the Northwest Film Center and the Portland Museum. While the exhibition could have been done in an exhibition trailer hire, the creative work of Laika would not definitely fit the space. It just fitting that the exhibition took place in the Portland Museum.

“Northwest Film Center and Portland Art Museum are delighted to collaborate with LAIKA to feature the magic of this unique business,” said Ferriso, Portland Art MuseumChief Curator. “LAIKA is a creative effort at its core that holds the past and combining it with a 21st-century perspective. LAIKA’s visual vocabulary remains shaped by the people and diversity of this unique state.”

Throughout the event, the Northwest Film Center has presented a wide range of program that features the studio’s work while surveying the advancement of stop-motion technology. Besides film exhibit programming, the Center offered a wide range of animation classes, training courses, and traveling to artist courses for young students, creators, families, and society as a whole.

“We believe that storytelling is a crucial element of who we are,” said Travis Knight, LAIKA President & CEO. “LAIKA showcases our tremendous joy to share stories by means of creating motion pictures that bring in people jointly, kindle creativeness and encourage everyone to dream. Our company is happy to display our creative method with the aid of this collaboration with the Portland Art Museum, among the country’s finest art establishments, and the Northwest Film Center. Art speaks about our humanity, opening us to innovative ways of imagining and perception and helping all of us to acknowledge the concealed connection of all things.”

Animating Life: LAIKA’s Arts, Science, and Wonders are celebrating the intersection of art, craft, film, and technology in a small town known as the manufacturer’s scene. This exhibition and show proudly embrace the unique spirit of independent Portland designed to commemorate LAIKA’s original status and in the global film industry.