The Best Laptops for Artists

The Best Laptops for Artists

When it comes to choosing the best laptop mainly for creative work, art or graphic design, digital painting, there are some things to consider. The article will be about guide and tips for artists when choosing the best laptop. There are two main parts of the article: the specifications to consider and what each means and the available laptops in the market.

If you are an artist and you badly need a laptop but cannot fully decide on what to buy then you must keep on reading. The list below will help you save some time researching and asking others on the type of laptop to buy. In order to buy the best laptop, you must consider the following:

Operating System

The first thing that you should do is to know if the software that you have been using and will try to use is suited on Windows or Mac this is because not all software and applications work on both operating system. For example, Autodesk works only on Windows and not on Mac.


Just to make sure, it is also important for you to check the website of the software for the specifications. Basically, because of the technology advancements, laptops like the 2 in 1 chromebook nowadays are high end and powerful even the entry level ones.

Storage- you must also consider the storage of a laptop since this is also the bottleneck of any machine. It is recommended to get the SSD which is the more expensive type so that your system will be able to load fast and chance of lag will be minimized. There are some laptops that offer both solid state drives as well as the slower spinning hard disk drives (HDD) and having both will give the best of the world.

Processor- the best processor for artists is the duo or quad core processors. Note that not many applications use quad core processors effectively yet. If you need to borrow 3D or videos regularly, then go in to quad core.

Weight– Most of the time, in any mobile devices, weight matters. Since we are all looking for a portable device to take it anywhere a lightweight laptops will be the best.