Artistic Windows 10 Themes to Customize Your Desktop

Artistic Windows 10 Themes to Customize Your Desktop

Most often, Windows users change their desktop background using their computer’s OS stock images.


For some knowing the visual arts, it may be boring as the image choices are very limited. You may not even have to get the theme design that fits your preference. The best solution for this is to navigate and browse Windows 10 themes. From there you will see different artistic theme design that you would definitely enjoy.


Windows 10 Theme Designs


Below are some of the arty-crafty themes from Windows 10 operating system. To completely enjoy this, make sure that you do not experience Windows 10 errors. If such errors arise, you can visit


1. 3D Theme


The 3D themes for Windows 10 has high-definition wallpapers to choose from. From the ThemePack, where the theme is available, you can find all the 17 3D illusions wallpaper designs. If you are fond of abstract art designs, you will love this 3D Theme as it create ideas from cubes and spheres designs.


2. Hover Dark Aero Theme


Hover Dark Aero Theme, from the word itself is a black theme from Windows 10. Technically speaking, there is not a big difference on black and dark theme. The design of this dark theme utilizes lots of black than grey. However, you must have to install UXThemePatcher suitable for Windows 10 prior to installing the theme.


3. GreyEve Theme


Another Windows 10 Dark Theme is the GreyEve Theme. Compared to the Hover Dark Aero Theme, GreyEve Theme has more greys in its background than blacks. Even if it is dark, the theme seems coolest than the bright ones. Moreover, it provides much ease for the eyes.


4. Various Anime Theme


With the trend these days, anime themes also seem to dominate the operating system background. Browsing the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, you may find numerous artistic anime designed themes that you’ll definitely love. Options may include but not limited to Haikyuu, Vegeta, Gintama, and Evangelion.


5. XP Theme


Although it’s already been old enough, Windows XP could never be forgotten. The good news is, you can still experience the XP by making your Windows 10 looks like it. You just have to install the UxStyle updated version so that you can have access with the XP Themes on Windows 10.