Feng Shui Tips to Bring Positive Vibes in Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips to Bring Positive Vibes in Your Bedroom

It may seem harmless but the way you are arranging and using your bedroom is quite important.

After all, your bedroom is the place where you take rest and adequate amount of it is critical for your overall wellbeing and health.

If you have a significant other where you share the house and your bedroom, take note that good feng shui can help big time in strengthening the relationship between couple. Not only that, it can help in attracting love. So, for the sake of getting better sleep and boosting your relationship and bond, nothing is wrong in considering the tips below to improve the feng shui in bedroom.

Start with the Bed

The base of adjustable beds must not be pointing towards the door. This is otherwise known as “coffin” position. Apart from that, this puts it in main path of the traffic. If it can be prevented, high bench, footboard, or table at foot of bed may act as buffer so long as it is not blocking the view of the door. The head of bed must be against the wall but not under the window. By doing so, it allows Qi to flow outside and result to restless sleep.

It’s never suggested as well to put the bed under decorative or structural beam or ceiling fan as this isn’t good for relationships and physical health.

Tidy up Exercise Equipment and Electronics

From your exercise equipment, computers, TV or workspace, it must be eliminated or put on the side of the bedroom. It’s because it is deemed to distract the flow of the bedroom and symbolizing wakefulness and taking up energy.

In the event that you don’t have much choice, try to hide the items to the best of your ability. Try putting the TV in armoire or perhaps, cover it neatly with a cloth.

Clear Clutters

According to feng shui experts, clutter isn’t just a distracting eyesore. It is blocking the flow of Qi, disturbing sleep and at the same time, preventing things in your life to move forward. In other words, clutters are hindering your progression.