When Music and Visual Art Collide

When Music and Visual Art Collide

It has been few years when musicians and visual artists begun to search the relationship of visual art and music. Further, it almost come to the point that music emerge as component of visual expression. In order to analyse the real connection between the two field, let us define each word clearly.

Art Definition

The quality and expression based on the creative criterions, of the things that are physically attractive, alluring, or of greater than normal significance is what define as an art. Art includes paintings, drawings or sculptures.

Music Definition

Music, on the other hand is an art from a source that produces sound in time which deliver thoughts and affections in relevant styles via the components of harmony, melody, rhythm, and colour.

By definition, we can clearly recognize the visible relationship between music and visual art. They both need creativity in expressing the ideas. Both of them utilize the space, the physical appearance, and colour.

Music as Visual Art Component

Basically, music is a form of art. But, to say that it is a part of something else enlarges our perception of music.

Music has been utilized by lots of artists during the 1900s in order to broaden the visual expression into reality.

One example of which is an event at the Black Mountain College. John Cage organized this event in 1952 and Edward Lucie-Smith defined it in ,ā€Art Now: From Abstract Expressionism to Superrealismā€. In this book, it emphasizes that pop art classification encourages happenings and events that are creative and artistic. Due to this, music becomes an art form.

The kind of transition like this made a completely new height in the environment of visual arts. The principle that evolves around time and place are constantly growing and changing every second. Incorporating multi-modal artistic expression is one way to overcome one artists or musicians from one another. Moreover, it reflects the deep-rooted talents of many artist.

Experiencing Music as an Element of Visual Art

Art is life, it represents the way we see, the way we feel, we hear or experience. And also do music. Similar with painting, music is a creative way of expression and renowned work of art. Listening and feeling the music inside an art gallery is like interpreting the experts view on the best DJ controllers.