Reasons to Study HSC Visual Art

Reasons to Study HSC Visual Art


Are you considering pursuing HSC Visual Arts or Fashion Art – see fashion ferminology here, but aren’t sure?

If you’re concerned about scalability yet like asserting yourself artistically, we’ve put up a list of six reasons why you should take the course.

Let’s get started!

Reason #1: Scaling entails a lot more than you would expect.

Scaling is frequently the first item on everyone’s mind when picking courses for the HSC, and many people will avoid Visual Arts since it is notorious for scaling poorly.

However, selecting topics is a bit more difficult! A topic that scales poorly is usually because it has a big number of students enrolled in the course and a low average grade. This is true in the case of Visual Arts, but don’t be discouraged!

Students that excel in these subjects have the opportunity to truly shine. Your grades will be scaled up if you are in the top 25% of the class.


Reason #2: HSC Visual Arts is a unique experience.

The practical component accounts for 50% of your Visual Arts grade.

Endless streams of statistics and calculations, or torturous evenings of textual study, may soon fatigue our minds.

Visual Arts may provide you with a well-deserved and constructive escape from the mundane.

Visual arts also engages the creative side of our brain. In his book A Technique for Producing Ideas, James Webb explains how we must educate our brains to discover connections between existing ideas in order to generate new ones.


Reason #3: It permits you to see the world in a new light.


One artist in specific stuck out to me while I was studying HSC Visual Arts.

James Turrell is a light artist who creates works using light. By catching and amplifying light, he allows us to see the ordinary in a whole new light.

He transfixes viewers with his works, leaving them looking for hours at something as mundane as the sky. He does this to bring us to a halt and make us ponder, as well as to pull us away from the hectic, fast-paced pace of life.