Staying Hydrated: the Art of Kidney Stones Diet

Staying Hydrated: the Art of Kidney Stones Diet

One essential factor in removing kidney stones is to drink plenty of water. It is also important in avoiding the formation of new stones. Flushing out wastes and toxins in the body and moving it through the urinary tract also result from being hydrated.


Aside from water, there are also other fluids and ingredients that can help to hydrate the body. Yet, it is also recommendable to consume a glass of water right after taking flavoured drinks. Doing this may help to flush out ingredients through the inside.


Helpful tips before taking home remedies


Below are some home remedy drinks that can be beneficial in removing kidney stones and can be considered as renowned works of art. Patients who keep on thinking about what to drink for kidney stones may find guidance from the list below. However, take note of these two important pieces of information before digging into these home remedies.


  1. Consult the doctor before starting any home treatment.
  2. Do not attempt to use home remedies when pregnant or breastfeeding.




Increasing water consumption can assist the speed up of the stone removal process. It is highly recommendable to take 12 glasses of water in a day. In case the stones are already removed, drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day should be continued.


The primary contributing factor for kidney stones accumulation is dehydration.


Basil Juice


The main component of basil is acetic acid. This substance assists in breaking down the stones inside the kidney thus, reducing the pain. In fact, basil is a traditional medicine for digestive disorder and inflammatory disease.


To make a tea from basil, utilize the leaves either fresh or dried. Juicing fresh basil or adding to a smoothie is also good. The recommended intake of basil tea is drinking several cups of it in a day. Meanwhile, this is not applicable to consume for around six weeks or more. 


Apple Cider


Like basil, acetic acid is the main constituent of apple cider. Dissolving kidney stones is one of the functions of acetic acid. Furthermore, apple cider is also beneficial in reducing the pain from kidney stones accumulation.


A mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider and 8 ounces of water is good to experience the effect of the vinegar. This mixture is recommended to consume within a day. But, do not take more than 8 ounces of it in a single day.

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