What Contemporary Living Looks Like

What Contemporary Living Looks Like

Stuttgart Travel is currently not recommended, people stay at home more often these days characterized by the corona pandemic. And all the more time to take a closer look at your home.

A room divider made of glass and steel

Visual arts, as you can see converted farms and castles, attic apartments, spacious lofts, and old single-family houses, including a former church in Esslingen. Simple, bright interiors can be found as well as shiny, glamorous and colorful dwellings.

The winning project is in Vienna, where an old apartment from the Wilhelminian era was redesigned. The client wanted to see a mid-century cast from Stephan Vary and his Labvert office. You can now see the consistent use of simple furniture, minimalist materials, and bright colors by Fritz Hansen and Whitman. A special eye-catcher is the room dividers made of glass and steel. This design element is trendy and can be found in other objects such as room dividers and sliding doors.

Local forests and pastel colors

Warm terracotta colors, maroon beams on the ceiling, custom-made lights, and large windows overlooking the beautiful art landscape are the Italian homes used by Tobiaspetri and Svenpetzold in Holtzlauche for the project. It is a feature of. It had second place.

Holzrausch shares awards with Arnold / Werner Architecture and Interior Design. Transformed an old little Bavarian villa into a beautiful, airy place with lots of local wood, pink and sage accents.

Bathroom Water Lilies Wallpaper

Even if you don’t want to turn everything upside down, you can get a lot of inspiration from the text and images. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom has a delicate pastel water lily wallpaper, like the old Hamburg apartment by Arzu Kartal. Or, as interior designers Stephanie Grainer and Matthias Franz show, a successful, style-simple refurbishment of a terraced house from the 1970s on the outskirts of Munich.

Sometimes it is enough to equip an Ikea kitchen with new fronts like Naomi Hajnos in an apartment in Switzerland. Or boldly paint his walls in strong colors like Jörg Kürschner and Claudia Kleine from Formstelle in a gallery apartment in Munich. Visit Digital Marketing Agency Connecticut for more contemporary interior designs online.